Step by Step spin-off | Intervention in Marseille

3 Jan

In Marseille, a twin project of Step by Step is launched in November 2015. The project « Ensemble 5.000 familles réduisent leurs consommations d’énergie » (Together, 5.000 families decrease their energy consumption) is led by E3D-Environnement, funded by the PACA region and supported by the municipality of Marseille.

Four advisors and a team manager have registered 750 households during two months. There will be a second registration wave in March to register another 750 households.

The project in Marseille was triggered by the launch of the European Step by Step project. For E3D-Envinronnement this project offers a great opportunity to follow the same steps as in the 4 Step by Step cities and to apply lessons learned.

Advisors Marseille

This is a team of advisors doing door-to-door visits in Marseille.