Collective challenge: citizens need to cooperate to reach the common goal

6 Jun

On the 4th of June, nearly 80 people were gathered together to celebrate the first results of the collective challenge. The mayor of L’Alcudia, Andreu Salom Porta (cf. right picture), was glad to express how proud he is on the inhabitants’ mobilisation in this collective challenge, and furthermore in the participation in a European project.


Collective challenge: 2nd step of project!

Since the last 6 months, the inhabitants of L’Alcúdia started to try little actions at home to protect their own environment and to live together in a better way (savings on energy and water bills, protect health, buy local fruit and vegetables, …). They perform these actions by their own or with their family circle and they get real successes: in average they have already accepted to change more than 4 of their habits!

In May, it was time to show participants that they are not alone to act, and in the meantime give more visibility to this campaign where 1400 households of this little city are actively participating.  A collective action was then proposed to inhabitants!

The goal of the challenge is to save energy together by doing all in the same time some energy-saving actions. Energy-savings are summed to reach a collective result.

For this, during a period of 3 weeks, the inhabitants had the opportunity to choose some simple actions from a list of 6. The households have received this list by e-mail or phone (for example, take shorter showers, rinse dishes with cold water, …).

Results so far in L’Alcudia

More than 70% of the contacted people in May, have agreed to participate and to choose at least one action to try out.



This collective challenge will also be launched in the Municipality of Cefalù in July and in the City of Ghent in September.