Local authorities go Step by Step

20 Jan

In Step by Step, four cities benefit from a service aiming to provoke large-scale behaviour changes in their daily energy use.

For these cities, the 4 main steps were the following :

1/ Identify a neighborhood where it is specifically relevant to propose this service.
2/ Set targets and define how it is possible to measure the project impact.
3/ Organize door-to-door interviews between an advisor and inhabitants.
4/ Accompany inhabitants through a digital platform, with a regular accompaniment by email and/or phone during several months.

The cities had to make important organisational decisions on how to manage the project on a daily basis, and more specifically on who would actually execute the final two steps.

The cities in Step by Step have chosen different methodologies, with different benefits :

Warsaw |

The city of Warsaw chose for subcontracting. After the launch of a public tender, an external company is selected. The sub-contractor trains and manages the advisors. The city closely monitors project progress and results.

Marta Bugaj, Warsaw project manager : « The main challenge was to launch a tender and to define the exact conditions for selecting a sub-contractor. But once the tender was launched, we received multiple offers, out of which we selected one. Now we are sure that the household accompaniment is managed professionally and we are very confident that the targets will be reached. »

Gent |

In Gent municipality employees were hired. The advisors can be hired specifically for the mission, or regular employees can be trained for the household accompaniment. The city directly trains and manages the advisors, provides materials and controls the project progress and results.

Jolien D’hondt , project manager Gent : « We chose to hire advisors specifically for this mission. It was an opportunity to generate proximity employment . The advisors live in the neighborhood and know a lot of inhabitants. It made the contact with the inhabitants easier.  As project manager, I was therefore able to build a good a close relationship with these advisors.»

Alcúdia |

In Alcudia, the mission was given to a public organisation. Public or non-commercial entities (such as local agencies of energy, NGO’s, etc.) sometimes already have staff used to meet with inhabitants, organise trainings, distribute materials, etc. This minimizes the time needed to train them for this specific project, in terms of technics for door-to-door and phone accompaniment.

Plàcid Madramany , project manager Alcudia: «As a local agency of energy, we are used to meet inhabitants and we are familiar with their issues regarding energy savings. So the municipality of L’Alcudia was really confident leaving our organisation to pilot this project. »

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