Step by Step phone advisors about the project and the inhabitants

4 Feb

SBS phone advisors in Cefalù, Warsaw and Alcúdia

«At first, people were reluctant to participate, but once they understood the aim of the project and their requested involvement they were positively impressed. Many inhabitants pointed out the need to take actions to protect and preserve the environment and to reduce energy consumption

«Through regular phone calls, people feel more involved in the project . They are better aware of the results of their actions and the involvement of other members of their community.»

«Inhabitants often thank me for giving advice about good and easy actions of which they did not think yet.»

«My best conversation was with an older lady who first didn’t want to talk, but changed her mind after the questions about turning off the mobile phone and the cosmetics with harmful ingredients. She suddenly said that she learned a lot about ecology during the call and that the project is very valuable.»

«The European dimension of Step by Step is absolutely an added value for the credibility of the project with the inhabitants.»

« After a few calls and by the word of mouth, the trust of participants increased and they were more welcoming and more willing to answer the call and pay attention to the proposed actions.»

«Step by Step makes you pay attention to your habits and encourages you to improve them. For instance, now I think of turning off the tap while I’m washing my hands and turn it on just to rinse them. This is something that I knew before the project started. However, it didn’t come to my mind in the moment of washing my hands.»