The first results on energy saving in Warsaw!

8 Aug

Since March 2016, 3113 inhabitants of Goclaw in Warsaw participate to « Step by Step ».

After contact with an advisor through door-to-door visits and an average of 3 phone calls with personalised coaching, the success of the commitment of all the inhabitants is there :
savings of 8.5% on electricity consumption were reached! *

By replacing bulbs with LED bulbs, connecting several electrical devices to a power strip, participating to a collective challenge in winter, etc. More positive results are expected; final results will be available in December 2018.

*The calculation is based on data provided by Innogy, a local electricity provider in Warsaw. Original dataset contains information for 881 registered households from Treatment Group and for 810 households from Control Group. Provided dataset consists of hourly electricity consumption of each household from 01/01/2015 till 31/03/2017, so both pre-treatment and treatment periods are covered.