Expected results

  • 9.000 households will be targeted.
  • At least 70% of this group (6.300 households) is expected to join the project.
  • 5.000 households, or 80% of the participating households, are expected to be fully accompanied over a 20 month period and have successfully changed at least three of their habits.
  • 1.000 households (20% of the accompanied households) are expected to take decisions to purchase energy-efficient products.
  • The project is expected to deliver energy savings of 12% for at least 6.300 households.

Expected impact

  • Electricity saved:  12.000 MWh
  • Money saved by consumers:  2.400.000 EUR
  • Emissions avoided p.a. 6.317.344 kg
  • Avoided cost of morbidity and mortality caused by emissions:  1.804.141 EUR

The results obtained in the four regions will be compared to control zones in each region for a relevant analysis of impact and will be crossed with other data such as energy consumption, market share of energy efficient products, etc. This will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

Project impact will be further reinforced by effective dissemination and exploitation of the project results.