Psychological behavior change techniques

Step by Step project aims at leading people to change their behaviours related to energy in order to produce energy savings. The program uses a very innovative service mixing various communication tools and psycho-social techniques processed via a machine learning platform. E3D-Environnement behavioral scientists based their approach on the abundant international scientific experiments and findings and created a program that is very efficient to help people change their daily habits. Find out more about this expertise and these techniques here!

Accompaniment of 5 000 households

To make people change, and so invest in energy-efficient technologies or services, the idea of this project is to accompany the households STEP_BY_STEP and help them to do simple actions at first in order to achieve more complex ones later. A whole process is deployed on the field in coordination with all the stakeholders, and involves contacting households at regular dates (at last once every 6 weeks) using emails, phone calls or door-to-door interviews.

Read here the 1st Activity Report on the mobilisation and the accompaniment of the households

Read here the 2nd Activity Report on the mid term project progress

Read the 3th Activity Report on collective challenges, and other topics, here