Local authorities go Step by Step

20 Jan

In Step by Step, four cities benefit from a service aiming to provoke large-scale behaviour changes in their daily energy use. For these cities, the 4 main steps were the following : 1/ Identify a neighborhood where it is specifically relevant … Read More »

Innovative behavioral change techniques @ SBS

16 Jan

Step by Step wants to help people change their energy consumption behaviour and thus realise energy savings. The program uses a very innovative service mixing various communication tools and psycho-social techniques processed via a machine learning platform. E3D-Environnement behavioural scientists … Read More »

Over 4 GWh energy saved in one year!

16 Dec

During the first project year, Step by Step has led to saving over 4 GWh of primary energy, according to the self-reported successfully changed behaviours, as previously committed by the participating households in Belgium, Poland, Italy and Spain. This number … Read More »

L’Alcùdia | The Mayor Speaks

9 Aug

On the 4th of June 2016, there were already 1408 registered households to the SBS program, i.e. 70% of the total households of the selected area in L’Alcúdia. “From my point of view, there should be more initiatives such as … Read More »

Warsaw, here we go!

28 Jun

Following the Municipality of Cefalù, L’Alcúdia and Ghent, also Warsaw has officially launched their mobilisation campaign in April 2016. The objective is to register 2.100 households in a given neighbourhood. The neighbourhood The municipality of Warsaw has selected the neighbourhood … Read More »