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La Ribera landscape2

Ribera Alta and Ribera Baixa (47 municipalities and nearly 300.000 inhabitants) are located in the province of Valencia, in eastern Spain and are fomed by small and medium sized towns. It is a typical rural area. The municipality of Alcúdia is selected for the application of the Step by Step project.

Agència Energètica de la Ribera is a Spanish public local energy agency. The main aim of AER is the regional promotion of the implementation of initiatives and policies, inspired to the criteria of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Rational Use of Energy (RUE) that lead to a sustainable development of the territory. One of the main action lines of AER is currently the promotion of the Covenant of Mayors initiative among the municipalities.

Role of AER in the Step by Step project: AER will organise and coordinate the deployment of the project in the region of Ribera Alta and Ribera Baixa, and more specifically in the municipality of Alcúdia. 2.000 houdeholds will be targeted.

For more information: Website AER & Step by Step @ Alcúdia

Agencia energetica Ribera