Cefalù – Italy

Cefalu_Centro Storico_TERRASI

Cefalù is a coastal town on Sicily (Italy), located in the province of Palermo. With a poulation just under 14.000 inhabitants, the towns is one of the largest resorts in the region and a touristic centre. The Step by Step project will be taking place in the old city center, where the housing offers significant potential for energy savings.

The City of Cefalù has joined the Covenant of Mayors in 2012 with the aim of directing the territory towards sustainable development and achieving the objectives of energy saving.

Role of Cefalù in the Step by Step project: The City Council of Cefalù will organise and coordinate the deployment of the project in the town of Cefalù. 2.500 households will be targeted.

For more information: Website City of Cefalu.