Results in l’Alcúdia (Spain)

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 Some numbers:

  • 2.636 households in l’Alcúdia received a visit by a field advisor.
  • 1.408 households (53%) agreed to participate in the programme.
  • 1.091 households (78%) of the houdeholds have succesfully fulfilled at least one action.
  • On average, participants succesfully changed 3,8 habits.
  • Participants saved an estimated 4,6 % energy, or 700 MWh.

Most popular actions:

  • Installing LED bulbs
  • Lowering water temperature
  • Participating in the collective challenge

Citizen’s feedback:

  • 86% of the participants saved energy
  • 96% of the participants bought energy-saving devices
  • 85% of the participants changed their behaviour by performing at least three new energy-saving actions

Francesc Martínez, l’Alcúdia :

“For me, the project is exciting, useful and necessary in order to fight the climate change together. I love the European approach, in which we accept common challenges and share our successes.”