Results in Warsaw (Poland)

For more detailed project results, and some guidance for the interpretation of project results, click here.

Some numbers:

  • Project roll-out over 18 months.
  • 14.951 households in Warsaw received a visit by a field advisor.
  • 3.113 households (21%) agreed to participate in the programme.
  • 1.884 households (61%) of the houdeholds have succesfully fulfilled at least one action.
  • On average, participants succesfully changed 1,9 habits.
  • Participants saved an estimated 3,7 % energy, or 397 MWh.

Most popular actions:

  • Installing LED bulbs
  • Installing a faucet aerator on taps
  • Washing hands with cold water

Joanna Piskorska, Warsaw :

“I really like the Step by Step project, giving incentives to save energy. It is a very valuable initiative for our neighbourhood, Gocław.”