Municipality of L’Alcùdia, Spain

Estela Carnicer

“During the first meeting, I was wondering how the program could help me, but the goal to save energy and/or money was worth it. I don’t even remember what action I’ve accepted, moreover, I’ve already engaged myself to do almost all the actions and I’ve suggested some ideas.”

ESTELA CARNICER“By example, I always keep the cold water of the shower that flows before it turns hot, and I use it for the toilet. Moreover, I brush my teeth while I’m waiting for the hot water. So, I really take advantage of the cold water. It’s a matter of habit. You just have to get used to or become aware of the fact that it is a pity to waste water.”

The Municipality of L’Alcùdia has chosen to take part in the collective challenge campaign to allow the population to take advantage of this innovative service.

“I think it’s a good thing, because it’s for the benefit of all my neighbours. Anything that has been done in favour of the city and to promote energy savings -although it requires a small investment, plays in the advantage of everybody.”

Maria Mateu

“I’ve already read about the SBS project on the website of the L’Alcùdia City Council. So, I was very happy that I could participate. During the first interview, the SBS advisor explained me the goal of the project and the challenges. I‘ve changed immedialy the light bulbs. When you set a deadline you finally will do it. After this visit, the SBS advisor called me by phone to follow up, so I am perfectly informed.”

“I remember one action in particular: cleaning behind the fridge MARIA MATEUtosave money and energy. I know that I should do it, but the advisor reminded me of doing it. Also, to clean the light bulbs and try to have the lights bubs without any dust.”

“I support any project linked to energy saving and environmental protection. The collective challenge is a good idea. Together, we can increase even more awareness than if we work individually. All actions need a bit of an effort. If people increase awareness despite the effort, I think it’s great. If we keep the actions in the long term, we will change our lifestyle. It allow us to improve our life.”

Francesc Martínez

“L’Alcùdia is a city which usually participates in awareness-raising campaigns about the environment and energy savings. During the first interview, I pointed out that I preferred to be contacted by e-mail rather than by phone. I always read the actions by email, and I like it because a challenge was proposed to you and the e-mail reminds you about it. These actions don’t stress me; the opposite, they encourage me.”

The Municipality of L’Alcùdia has chosen to take part in the collective challenge campaign to allow the population to take advantage of this innovative service.

FRANCESC MARTÍNEZ“L’Alcùdia is a pioneering city and willing to take risks and participate in challenges. Also, I think that my city is very pro Europe. L’Alcúdia has a sister town in France in order to share what we have in common and to accept common challenges. It’s very encouraging the fact that L’Alcùdia is involved in a project together with other countries.”

In fact there are 1404 inhabitants who are involved in the project. 93% of them chose to try at least a new habit.

“In L’Alcùdia there are around 4000 households. That means that 1 out of four households of L’Alcùdia are participating in the campaign. It means that people are very aware or at least willing to become more aware about energy saving. Taking advantage of the fact that we are willing to do many things privately, we should do it publicly. I think that it’s very important to save energy and to raise awareness. It means: the town collectively should head in one direction.”