Municipality of Cefalù, Italy

Giuseppe Sabatino – 1 successful challenge, 4 new ongoing actions

GiueseppeSabatino_ItalyAt the time I’ve met the advisor, I was already convinced that this type of service(s) are very important to improve the knowledge of the inhabitants about environmental preservation. The Step by Step project gives the inhabitants of Cefalù the opportunity to consume differently. By example: the energy kit we’ve received provides valuable assistance to each approach. I’ve tried to replace one of my traditional light bulbs by the LED of the energy kit and I saw that the light was actually good. My goal is now to replace all the light bulbs in my house. Thanks to the Step by Step project, I’m improving my behavior.

Caterina Cirri – 2 successful challenges, 4 new ongoing actions

CaterinaCirri_ItalyThe Step by Step project is a good initiative! Not only to encourage a more responsible consumption, but it mainly offers me concrete evidence to improve my daily habits. Now, I turn off the switch extension so electrical appliances are no longer on standby -as it consumes, I unplug chargers of telephones and laptop systematically, etc. To successfully adopt new habits, we must engage! It is not enough to do it once to acquire the reflex.

Since I’ve created these new habits, I’m consuming less energy. I was often at home the last two months, so I used more electricity as usual, but my energy bill was even a few euros cheaper than the previous bill!

Giovanni Scelsi – 4 ongoing actions

Becoming eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is something new! I think that the Sicilians are not ready yet to act. It’s an innovative project, but it’s difficult to achieve the results because it must pass the cultural barriers.

GiovanniScelsi_ItalyFor me, the European dimension is a fundamental value. Without that aspect, I wouldn’t have agreed to participate. This gives the credibility and assurance! I reply on the e-mails I receive of the advisor. It’s very good to be accompanied in the long term, because in many projects, the process stops when the first questions were asked.

We don’t only need to act, but the engagement with the Step by Step project is also a collective commitment for a better world.